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Margie's legend


Cannabis Pioneer. Free Spirit. Friend of Sasquatch. 

1948 - 2021

You don’t get to be a friend of Sasquatch without a passion for seeing the world differently. You also don’t get to be a true cannabis industry pioneer without an adventurer’s spirit and a vision for what could be.

Margie was a grandmother in her sixties and a bonafide medicine woman when she opened the very first legal pot shop on the West Coast. Born the 8th of 11 children, she grew up poor on a farm where she slept in the same bed with her eight sisters. Her soul whispered there was so much more for her, and her heart listened. She carved her own quirky path through life from sixties flower child, to certified pharmacist, to wildly successful entrepreneur. When she passed away in 2021, she left behind a grand pirate’s trove of treasure, but far more than that, she left behind a truly magical legacy. 

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