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  • What do you mean by “First on the West Coast”?
    Margie’s was the first legal pot shop on the West Coast. She opened the day, hour, and minute recreational marijuana became legal in Washington State. Over the years, her store in Bingen has become a must-visit mecca for those who love cannabis culture and want to buy their weed at the place where it all started. Margie was a true cannabis pioneer, and because of her long experience as a certified pharmacist, she was among the very first to receive a license from the state. Not bad for a single grandma in her sixties.
  • Why are all Margie’s Budtenders so Awesome?
    We love our employees and invest in them as people. All of Margie’s budtenders are State Certified Medical Marijuana Consultants. That means loads of rather expensive training, but they are worth it… and so are you. Because we invest in our people and take care of them, they tend to stick around. Some have been with us for more than 5 years. This all means that when you come to Margie’s, you get the most experienced and friendly budtenders in the Gorge.
  • What makes Margie’s edibles so much better?
    The laws regarding THC content in edibles are different between Washington and Oregon. Long story short, in Oregon, the maximum THC content is 5mg per serving and 50mg per package. In Washington the maximums are TWICE as much (10mg/serving, 100mg/package). You do the math. Plus, we pride ourselves on having a gigantic selection.
  • What’s so special about Margie’s cannabis flower selection?
    Because Margie’s was the first legal pot shop on the West Coast, we have relationships with growers and producers that span all the way back to the beginning. This is truly a golden age for Washington Cannabis growers, and our profoundly experienced buyers know just where to get the
  • I’m fairly new to Marijuana. Where do I start?
    Come on down to Margie’s and tell our budtenders what kind of marijuana experience you would like to have. They have the training and the years in the saddle to steer you to the best starter products. It does help to know that there are three basic marijuana strains, Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. Sativas are best for day use and are typically up-lifting, energizing, and produce a nice head high. Indicas are best for evening use and typically relaxing, with a pleasant body high. Many folks enjoy indicas before a sound sleep. Hybrids are a versatile combination and can be used at any time. People report feeling creative and enjoy a blended head-and-body high.
  • What hours is Margie’s open?
    During the summer, we open at 8am and close at Midnight except on Tuesday. That’s earlier and later than the other guys. We are open 7 days a week and 365 days a year (because sometimes holidays with the family are exactly the days you need a little something to take the edge off). On Tuesdays, we close at 8pm.
  • Does Margie’s sell marijuana online?
    You can order online but you must pick it up in person. Washington State law currently prohibits us from delivering it to you. Here’s the
  • Pain relief and help sleeping are my main concerns. Does Margie’s have products that can help?
    Legally, we cannot provide you with medical advice or promote the health benefits of marijuana. However, many of our customers report significant help in both of these areas. Some of our products have no psycho-active effects, and they do not show up on drug tests. Come in and talk with our budtenders. They will be happy to share what they know with you.
  • Does Margie’s issue Washington State Medical Marijuana Cards?
    Yes, we do. You will need all the correct paperwork from your doctor. This
  • Does Margie’s sell pipes, papers, and paraphernalia?"
    Margie’s Outdoor Store which is right next door to the pot shop has a huge selection and it also sells much, much more. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your 420 and adventure needs.
  • What’s the deal with that amazing mural on your building?
    The design comes from a tattoo found on the mummy of a 2,500-year-old medicine woman known as the Siberian Ice Princess. Her incredibly well-preserved body was discovered entombed in the high steppes of Russia in 1993. Archaeologists discovered a healing kit buried with the medicine woman that prominently included a jar of equally well-preserved marijuana. Margie was also a benevolent and well-trained medicine woman. She worked in four states and on Indian reservations as a fully certified and credentialed pharmacist. When she got the chance, Margie jumped ship from the pharmo-industrial complex and opened her own marijuana shop. The Siberian Ice Princess is Margie’s spirit sister.
  • How much marijuana can I legally possess in Washington?
    That depends on the form the marijuana is in. In Washington, you can possess 1 ounce of flower, 16 ounces of edibles, 72 ounces of liquid, and 7 grams of concentrate. You must be 21 years old or older to purchase marijuana in Washington State. Remember, it is illegal to consume marijuana in public. Here is a helpful
  • Does Margie’s honor out-of-state medical marijuana cards?
    Sorry, we cannot legally honor out-of-state cards.
  • Does Margie’s sell marijuana seeds or starter plants (clones)?
    No. It is not legal for Washington cannabis retailers to sell these items.
  • Does Margie’s have any discounts or specials?
    The best way to get discounts in the store is to join Margie’s We also have daily specials. Click * Free joint must be of equal or lesser value. For legal reasons, both joints are sold at 50% off.
  • Does Margie’s have a veteran discount?
    Yes. Margie served in the US Navy as a pharmacist. She knows how hard the life of a veteran can be. All veteran’s receive a 10% store-wide discount.

Want to know something not covered below?  Give us a call at (509) 493-0441.

Didn’t see your question above?  
Give us a call at (509) 493-0441. Our budtenders are as friendly and helpful over the phone as they are in person. 


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